Crowdfunding to Build the FutureAug 3 2020

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Crowdfunding – Building the future

As with many businesses during the crisis, Broughton Brewery is operating in extremely tough market conditions. But in our 40-year brewing history we have seen tough times before and have always emerged stronger and wiser. We hope to do so again.

So our crowdfunding today is not only to see us through these times but also to build our future; build a thriving business at the heart of the Scottish Borders’ community.

With your pledges, here are some of the areas we will invest in:

Old Jock Scotch Ale – Spreading the word

Broughton’s Old Jock is our signature brew – the first beer we brewed back in 1979. The Scottish climate has always been ideal for barley malt to thrive but less so for Hops. Traditional Scotch ales were therefore strong in alcohol and bursting with rich malt flavours.

Old Jock is sold across Scotland in all major supermarkets and exported to 5 markets in Europe. We will use the funds from this crowdfunding to build our sales of this famous brand to beer lovers across the whole UK as well as in new markets overseas. Old Jock is, and remains the original and best Scotch Ale.

Innovating healthier beers and adult malt soft drinks

Broughton has always been an innovative brewery – we were after all Scotland’s first craft brewery. During the crisis we have accelerate our work to produce three new brews, all of which complement the healthier lifestyle our consumers increasingly live.

HOPO Gluten Free Lager – our famous yellow label Hopo Blonde Lager is now gluten free, allowing not only gluten intolerant drinkers to enjoy our beers but also those wishing to embrace the health benefits of low gluten foods and drinks. HOPO Blonde still delivers a lager brewed with Bavarian yeast and pilsner malts: full of flavour and refreshment, only gluten free.

Pure Jock alcohol free beer – low alcohol beers are all too often a disappointment to beer drinkers in terms of flavour and appearance. So when developing Pure Jock we have ensured we still use fully brewed Pale ale and Vienna malts with a touch of Rye and real hops. We then bottle this immediately without fermentation to deliver an authentic alcohol free beer, all the taste but with noon of the alcohol.   

HOP0% Malt Zero – many countries from Nigeria in West Africa to Barbados in the Caribbean and the Demerara River in Guyana South America have enjoyed traditionally brewed malt drinks. With flavours of rich malts and light and chocolate caramels these malt brews also contain natural B vitamins and minerals. In this tradition, we have brewed HOP0% Malt Zero as a delicious and rejuvenating non alcoholic soft drink to be enjoyed anywhere, anytime.

Special and Limited-Edition Beers

For centuries beer, like Scotland’s second drink whisky, have been aged in wooden casks, to produce a smoother brew with complex flavours as the wood complements the beers natural flavour.

In Broughton’s crowdfunding campaign, we are offering a strictly limited edition Russian Imperial Stout which has been matured in the cool, damp conditions of our barrel store. This has produced a beer with strong malt and hop flavours of a typical Russian Imperial Stout but overlain with an added layer of complex aromas and flavours.

In the past few years, we have experimented with oak barrel aged casks for our Christmas and Seasonal beers. For example, we recently barrel aged Old Jock in Italian Amarone wine casks for our Italian importer and worked with a local whisky distiller to produce an India Pale Ale infused whisky.

We now plan to expand our barrel store and launch a series of special barrel aged beers for our customers, both locally in Scotland in draft and further afield in limited edition bottlings.

People wishing to help us directly, can sponsor an individual oak cask, which we will use for at least 2 special barrel matured beers. We will attach a plaque to their specific oak cask and also to a dedicated brick in the wall at the barrel store entrance. To purchase our whisky cask naming reward, click HERE

Caring for our local environment

The environment has an immediate and direct impact on our brewery. We are nestled in a glen next to a burn that flows from the nearby town of Biggar to the rolling hills in the borders, the source of Scotland’s two great rivers, the Tweed and the Clyde.

Our brewery is therefore at risk of flooding during Scotland’s long and frequent rainy seasons, when the burn becomes a torrent. To help stabilise the water banks and the surrounding farmland, we plan to plant a new wood of Oak trees growing all around our brewery to provide future protection. As a further boost to sustainability we will use the mature trees – once they are fully grown – into fuel pellets for our brewery boilers.  

If you wish to plant a tree at our brewery and in turn do your bit for the local environment, click HERE

Investing in our team

Broughton brewery is the biggest employer in the village, with almost all of our team of 12 living close by. Whether it is the skills of the brewing team or the relationships of our delivery drivers taking our beers to pubs in Glasgow and Edinburgh or the whole team working together behind the bar at local beer festivals – we live and work at the heart of the local community.

By contributing with donations and pledges, you are helping us to continue with this work and to ensure a strong healthy business can continue to thrive for many years to come.

 Thanks for taking the time to read a little of what we hope to accomplish in the coming months. If you would like to get involved and purchase one of our rewards then click HERE 



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