broughton brewery

We believe 1979 was the start of a golden era. With an emerging Scottish music scene and the founding of Broughton Ales,1979 was the time the legendary Beer Hunter himself, Michael Jackson described Broughton as being at the forefront of a renaissance in Scottish Brewing.

We want you to help us celebrate great Scottish beer, whisky, food, and a multitude of brilliant Scottish music – and what better beer is there to celebrate during the month of ‘Jocktober’……??

Yip. You got it. Scotland’s finest Scotch Ale – Old Jock!

Throughout the month, we’ll be celebrating Jock throughout the years and we want you to get involved. Even if you’re on a Sober October mission, crack open a Pure Jock and get the records on!

We’ll be giving you our suggestions on classic Scottish albums to listen to while you sit back and relax with a Jock of your choice. We’ll also have food recipes, beer and whisky pairings and much much more. Also, keep your eyes peeled for opportunities to win your favourite beers, buy our limited edition Jock ‘n’ Roll T-shirts and much more!

What are you listening to tonight to begin your very own Jocktober? And more importantly what are you drinking……??

This is what’s blaring in the brewery this afternoon … https://youtu.be/JGaBlygm0UY

We’re off for after work pints. Slàinte!


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