COVID-19 Update: Pubs closingMar 20 2020

broughton brewery

Ok folks, we knew this was coming but now that the moment is here, we have to say that knowing hasn’t made it any easier.

The closing of our pubs & restaurants is heartbreaking. Our pubs are not just a place to enjoy a cracking pint and socialise with friends but it’s where we meet new friends, start new romances and learn a thing or two through healthy half-cut debates. Our pubs are also a life-line for some where much needed company and a hot cooked meal can be had. But, our health has to take priority and we have to pull together during these tough times.

We’re gutted for all the hospitality staff out there and we want to do our best to make sure we’re all still standing when this is all over to make sure we still have jobs. As you can imagine, without our pubs this also creates a big issue for us small breweries as we have a huge amount of stock which would have been sold through pub taps all over Scotland, now, sat on the floor of brewery warehouses up & down the country 

No one wants to see beer go down the drain, so we will continue to try in whatever way we can to get our beer to you, the most important ones – the end user. But now more than ever, we need your support. We need you to not only buy our beer but we need you to spread the word to make sure others buy our beer too. Not just us, but buying from all the small, independent breweries.

Because if all the wee breweries just like us don’t sell beer over the next couple of months, unfortunately most of us won’t still be here come summer.

Sad? No. It’s gut wrenching.

Thanks to each & every one of you out there who has not only bought & enjoyed a Broughton beer but to all of you who have served one to your grateful customers. 

I hope we’re all be here serving pints together again for many years to come. 

Slainte. Stay safe beer lovers.


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