Plant A Tree, Grow a Brewery

You may remember last year we were planting trees at our brewery as part of our Crowdfunder campaign. You may have purchased one yourself?

Well, those trees are well & truly on their way to ensuring that our wee brewery does not flood every winter and will also help us reduce our carbon footprint in the beautiful Scottish Borders village of Broughton.

It was always our intention to ‘grow’ this initiative and plant more trees and give you, our loyal Broughton fans the chance to join in and own your little part of our brewery too, in turn helping us produce award-winning craft beers and real ales for many years to come.

We’ll be launching our new Plant A Tree Beer Case where you’ll be able to buy your very own tree and also get some brilliant Broughton beers in the process! Live from Sunday 1st August, you can get your very own mixed case of beer and we will plant a tree at our brewery in your name. 

Image of a tree at Broughton

You can choose between a case of HOPO craft beers or a case of Jock, Scottish real ales or, if you’re a lager drinker, we haven’t forgotten you and you can choose a case of HOPO Craft Lager to go with your tree. We’ll also send you your own digital certificate as thanks for planting your tree at Broughton Brewery so you can show that you’re doing your own bit in keeping Scotland green & sustainable!

bottle cap

In addition to the benefits it will have to us as a business, this year we see COP26 coming to Glasgow and we’re excited to get involved in everything Scotland is doing to combat climate change and keep our wee country green and thriving. The eyes of the world will be on Scotland in October this year, so let’s welcome the world with open arms and show them just how progressive and committed to sustainability we are. And let’s also serve some great beer to go with it!

Danny planting a tree

Danny from the brewery team seen here looking after last years saplings.

When you buy your tree, you will be able to enjoy a mixed case of your favourite Scottish beers and we’ll send you a digital certificate which registers your tree being planted.

Choose your beer case from:

HOPO IPA’s – If you love craft beer, then this is the one for you! All the hoppy, punchy IPA’s from Broughton including: 2 x HOPO Session IPA, 2 x HOPO Proper IPA, 2 x HOPO 6.2 IPA all in 500ml bottles and 2 x HOPO 2 Rivers IPA & 2 x HOPO Session IPA in 330ml cans 

HOPO Craft Lager – Lager drinker? The look no further as we’ve given you a Scottish craft lager option and it includes: 6 x HOPO Blonde Lager in 500ml bottles & 4 x HOPO Craft Lager in 330ml cans

Jock Real Ales – If you’re a fan of the traditional real ales, then our JOCK range is all you’ll look for in a mixed beer case. Includes the CAMRA award-winning Old Jock as well as the other favourites: 3 x Old Jock, 3 x Wee Jock & 2 x Stout Jock all in 500ml bottles

Each case includes FREE DELIVERY and we also ask you to ‘Post Your Plant’ – tell your friends & family on your socials that you’ve planted a tree at Broughton and for every person who posts, there will be a free drink for you when you come & visit your tree! And you may even be in with a chance of winning a prize…! We’ll be giving away cases of beer and brewery tours throughout the summer. Follow us on socials for more information.

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You can order your Plant A Tree Beer Case HERE  with free delivery.

COP26 Poster

Glasgow was chosen by the UK to host COP26 due to its experience, commitment to sustainability and world-class facilities.

The ‘Dear Green Place’ is the perfect place to host a sustainable and inclusive COP. It has set a target for carbon neutrality by 2030, aims to be one of the greenest cities in Europe through its Sustainable Glasgow campaign, and is 4th in the world in the Global Destination Sustainability Index.

It also has a proven track record of hosting events on the international stage, such as the 2014 Commonwealth Games and the 2018 Glasgow European Gymnastic Championships.

Surrounded by the river, the city and its parks, the location will inspire attendees to tackle climate change and protect the planet for future generations.

Find out more about COP26 here:


Broughton Brewery were Scotland’s first independent craft brewery and we’ve been brewing award-winning real ales, craft beers, lagers and stouts in the Scottish Borders since 1979. We are proud to stand among the best breweries in Scotland and we are fully engaged in the fight against climate change.