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6.2 IPA (8x500ml)

6.2 IPA (8x500ml)

£ 16.00

If you like your beer to be hand-crafted, with a full on balance of hops and rich malt flavours then this is the beer for you. 6.2 IPA is a fusion of New and Old World hops, brewed using traditional and authentic open top fermentation. Dark gold coloured, with citrus aromas and packed with flavour, 6.2 IPA is easy to savour and enjoy.

Sold as a case of 8 bottles.

Product Description

ABV:  6.2%

what’s YOUR character? Are you a hop-head looking for hops?… did I hear hops?… aye hops.This beer is loaded with Pacific Jade, Chinook, Cascade and Columbus hops. Using quadruple the hops in a typical IPA, this beer is sure to give you hop blast you are looking for. 

Taste the Character:   The 6.2 IPA bring new and old worth brewing together with classic rich British malt and North American flavour packed hops. The 6.2 IPA has a chestnut brown colour, citrus aroma and a delicious biscuit bitter aftertaste. Be careful, it drinks easier by the sip. 

FOOD PAIRING:  Ideally served with Indian curries, Mexican cuisines and deep fried salty foods.

8 Ingredients make this fine ale: 

Malts:  Pale Ale & Crystal

Hops:  Pacific Jade, Cascade, Chinook & Columbus

Yeast & Water:  Broughton’s Unique Yeast and Locally Sourced Borders Water


1060° OG

71 EBU

20 EBC

Sold as a case of 8 bottles, price includes VAT.


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