Plant A Tree at Broughton Brewery along with a mixed case of Scottish beers

This is your chance to plant a tree & grow a brewery!

You can now plant your very own tree at Broughton Brewery and enjoy a case of cracking Broughton beers in the process!

You will receive a mixed case of  your choice – HOPO range of IPA’s, HOPO Craft Lager or Scottish real ales from our Jock range – and we’ll email you your own digital certificate as a thanks for planting a tree at the brewery.

Not only will you be helping us reduce our carbon footprint while we brew your favourite beer, but you’ll be helping to tackle the current climate crisis by doing your bit for Scotland!

Each case is £50 and includes FREE delivery anywhere in mainland UK.

HOPO IPA’s –  2 x HOPO Session IPA, 2 x HOPO Proper IPA, 2 x HOPO 6.2 IPA all in 500ml bottles and 2 x HOPO 2 Rivers IPA & 2 x HOPO Session IPA in 330ml cans 

HOPO Craft Lager – 6 x HOPO Blonde Lager in 500ml bottles & 4 x HOPO Craft Lager in 330ml cans

Jock Real Ales –  3 x Old Jock, 3 x Wee Jock & 2 x Stout Jock all in 500ml bottles

Tell us which beer case you’d like in the order notes.

*Please note, that paper certificates will not be issued as we strive to reduce our carbon footprint on the world.