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PROPER IPA (8x500ml)

PROPER IPA (8x500ml)

£ 16.00

No.5 Proper IPA is a unique blend of New World Hops, Broughton Yeast and pure Scottish Water, brewed to produce an American style IPA. The taste is a delicate fusion of citrus, spice and pine flavours, with a hoppy, fruity aftertaste.

We’ve crafted the Proper IPA as a dedication to those that enjoy proper IPA with treacle malt, high alpha hop flavour and a light bitter aftertaste.

Sold as a case of 8 bottles.

Product Description

ABV: 5.0%

The Proper IPA uses a combination of popular West Coast American Amarillo, Cascade and Chinook hops. With it’s intense citrus, spice and pine flavours balanced with our blend of toasted local malts, the beer gives you a depth of spicy aroma and a balanced fruity aftertaste. To properly enjoy this IPA it should be chilled to taste.


A lovely ale to drink with spicy foods, burgers and all dishes typically British.

7 ingredients in our Proper IPA:

Malts:  Pale Ale and Crystal

Hops:  Cascade, Amarillo and Chinook

Yeast and Water: Broughton’s unique yeast, and locally sourced Borders water

OG: 1050
EBU: 58
EBC: 23

Sold as a case of 8 bottles. Price includes VAT!


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