From up in Speyside, heart of Scottish Whisky, to Merlin’s grave deep in the Scottish Borders, this case of 12 x 500ml is the perfect taste of Scottish ales. The perfect gift for real ale lovers and to share with friends

Merlin’s Scottish Pale Ale 4.2% – Legend has it that Merlin the Wizard is buried at Drumelzier two miles from our brewery. This light, sparkling pale ale is a homage to Merlin’s magic.

David’s Not So Bitter 4.4% – Produced by Spey Valley Brewery, David’s Not So Bitter is not so dark, not so strong, and not so bitter – it’s just right! This is a great all-rounder beer with a flavour appealing to those wanting a smooth beer that simply tastes great and isn’t too bitter. This Ruby Ale is well balanced with caramel biscuity flavours.

Stillman’s IPA 4.6% – Well-balanced, with a great hoppy aroma and punchy bitterness, balanced against a beautifully sweet, malty background. A great all-rounder beer, with light spices and floral notes, that’s not too strong and is just the trick on a hot sunny day.

Sunshine on Keith 3.5%– We’ve all heard of Sunshine on Leith but this classic American style session IPA is brewed in Keith, Moray, and celebrates that. It’s zesty and refreshing, with a fantastic fruity aroma, and a lingering, pronounced bitterness, with deep grapefruit flavours. 

12 Bottle Pack (500ml)
3 x Merlin’s Scottish Pale Ale / 3 x David’s Not So Bitter / 3 x Stillman’s IPA / 3 x Sunshine on Keith

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