Save the Brewery

2020 will definitely go down as one of the scariest and strangest years in history due to COVID-19.

At the start of lockdown, we asked for your help to buy directly from us online and your support was fantastic.

After almost 4 months of lockdown, our biggest challenge is just around the corner. As society re-opens, the big factory brewers are flooding the market with cheap mass-produced beer which in turn locks us, the wee guys, out of the pubs and supermarkets. We have also seen VAT reductions in hospitality, but not on beer, nor any changes to duty. These are unfortunately just some of the obstacles that face us in the coming months.

How do we progress to keep our business afloat? How do we compete to continue to bring our hand-crafted beer to you?

We now need your help.

So, here we are calling on you to Save the Brewery! Would you like to see this small business surviving? Do you want to avoid a future of drinking mass-produced keg beer in pubs?

The Broughton team are seeking support from Scottish beer lovers and friends of Scotland whether in Scotland, the home nations of England, Wales and Ireland plus our friends in Europe, North America and across the world.

We need your help to fund Broughton’s business in the coming months and that is why we are launching our #Savethebrewery crowdfunding campaign. Will you help us?

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