Where You Can Buy Broughton BeersSep 2 2021

Broughton Ales Around Scotland – Where Can You Buy Broughton Beers?

We’re often asked, where else can we buy your favourite Scottish craft beers and real ales by Broughton? And the short answer is almost anywhere in Scotland! 

During lockdown, sales of premium ales rocketed across the country as craft beer fans enjoyed sampling Scottish beers all delivered from different breweries straight to the door. And it’s been an absolute pleasure for us stocking all those home bars with our ales, lagers, stouts & IPA’s!

Of course, we offer free delivery on all purchases direct from the Broughton website HERE but we thought we’d let you know what beer brands we have in Scotland’s supermarkets so you can look out for them and throw a couple into the weekly shop.

In Asda, you can buy Old Jock and HOPO 6.2 IPA in all Scottish stores and look out for special offers on it from time to time as we roll back pricing to give Asda shoppers a special treat.

Tesco, like Asda also stock Old Jock and HOPO 6.2 IPA. In September 2021, we also launched Wee Jock and HOPO Session IPA in Tesco so you can have a range of Broughton products to chose from. 

In Morrison’s, you can buy not only Old Jock Ale but they are the first supermarket to stock Stout Jock too so if you want to try just a couple of bottles, then head to your nearest Morrison’s. HOPO Session IPA is also on the shelves there.

Sainsbury’s were the first to stock Wee Jock in 2021 and it now stands proudly beside our Old Jock Ale on the shelves. And you can also pick up Broughton favourite HOPO 6.2 IPA in there too.

In both your local Coop and Scotmid, you’ll find HOPO Session IPA and HOPO 6.2 IPA as well as, you guessed it – Old Jock Ale!

2021 sees the launch of Old Jock Ale in all Scottish Lidl stores and we hear all you Lidl shoppers are snapping it up! Look out for other brands during the Lidl beer festivals.

South of the border in England, you can find Old Jock in many Nisa stores – just ask if they stock us and if not, get in touch and we’ll make sure it’s there for you to buy soon!

Look out for the next selection of Broughton beers we’ll have in the Aldi Beer Festival later this year too.

Locally, you’ll find us in selected stores using the Snappy Shopper app where you can get your top up shop delivered straight to your door too!

*May not be available in all stores
**Could be limited stock availability

Would you like your local off-licence or independent grocer to stock our beers? Then tell them to get in touch with us and we’ll make sure your favourite beers are on their shelves as quick as we can!

Drop an email to Anne at: sales@broughtonales.co.uk

Let’s keep great Scottish beer and Scottish breweries on the map!


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